<body> <a href="menu_en.shtml"></a> <h3 align="center">This is the Official Site of GRN -</h3> <h4 align="center">Rodolfo Namias Group</h4> <h4 align="center">old printing techniques</h4> <br> It is a group founded in 1991, named by the master of Italian photographic chemistry. Some amateurs became aware of the advantages to print their images on non-conventional sensible materials, in order to achieve a quality unobtainable on common silver-bromide papers. <br> <br> <p> Many old printing processes are known nowadays; they were discovered in past times by various photographic chemistry operators <br> <br> Several processes can be classified:: <br> <br> 1 - Gum dichromate <br> 2 - Carbon pigment <br> 3 - Salt prints <br> 4 - Platinum-palladiotypes <br> 5 - Iron salts processes <br> 6 - Swelling processes: oil printing, resinotypes <br> 7 - Special processes: metal etching, toning <br> 8 - Mixed processes <br> </p> <br> <br> <br> <b>NOTE: If you are reading this introduction, it means that your browser is not capable do show frames, or it does not support JavaScript (in this case a further message is visible at the bottom of the page), or these capabilities of your browser have been disabled. <br> These pages contain many instructions in this language to offer the best vision of the images, adapting themselves to your screen resolution. <br> To continue viewing our pages it is necessary to update your browser or to enable frames and JavaScript.</b> <br> In this latter case, after having enabled the browser you will need to reload this page. <div id="eXTReMe"><a href="http://extremetracking.com/open?login=anovogrn"> <img src="http://t1.extreme-dm.com/i.gif" style="border: 0;" height="38" width="41" id="EXim" alt="eXTReMe Tracker" /></a> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- var EXlogin='anovogrn' // Login var EXvsrv='s11' // VServer EXs=screen;EXw=EXs.width;navigator.appName!="Netscape"? EXb=EXs.colorDepth:EXb=EXs.pixelDepth;EXsrc="src"; navigator.javaEnabled()==1?EXjv="y":EXjv="n"; EXd=document;EXw?"":EXw="na";EXb?"":EXb="na"; EXd.write("<img "+EXsrc+"=http://e2.extreme-dm.com", "/"+EXvsrv+".g?login="+EXlogin+"&amp;", "jv="+EXjv+"&amp;j=y&amp;srw="+EXw+"&amp;srb="+EXb+"&amp;", "l="+escape(parent.document.referrer)+" height=1 width=1>");//--> </script><noscript><div id="neXTReMe"><img height="1" width="1" alt="" src="http://e2.extreme-dm.com/s11.g?login=anovogrn&amp;j=n&amp;jv=n" /> </div></noscript></div> </body>